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How To Keep Chopped Herbs Fresh For At Least A Week

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As a food stylist and photographer i’m always asked for my top tips on how I make certain foods look pretty or prolong their time on set naturally, so today I thought I’d share my top tip on how to keep  chopped herbs fresh at home.

There’s something unquestionably beautiful about herbs. Of course they are pretty, adding a finishing touch of flavour to our favourite dishes but they’re also medicinal, helping support our immune systems and heal naturally from illness. The meer sight and smell of them lifts my spirits. The sweet, awakening scent of mint takes me off in my mind to al fresco dinners by the sea in Greece.

I yearn for a herb garden. Fact is i’m not all that green fingered! Each year, I pot my favourite herbs; heady thyme, refreshing mint, earthly sage and fragrant parsley. I nurture them with love and yet somehow the beasts of the natural world choose to take homage and lay their eggs on them. But the world loves a trier so this year i’m giving it another shot. So far so good guys. I’ve placed netting over the little darlings and bought an organic bug spray and we’re looking strong!

If you don’t have fresh herbs growing in the garden, buying the chopped fresh ones is a great idea.

How do you keep chopped herbs fresh for at least a week?

Well, yes you can pop them in water in the fridge, but this will only keep them perky for a few days then they start to go mulchy… and no-one likes mulchy herbs!

1) Buy the freshest herbs you can. I find the ones in bunches from markets are better than the those in packets from supermarkets.

herbs, Modern Food Stories, Paleo Crust2) Wash well in clean water. Chop the very ends off the stalks. Soak 2 attached sheets of strong kitchen roll in water, squeeze out the excess water and wrap the herbs in it. A separate set of sheets for each bunch.

3) Place the herbs in a supermarket carrier bag. I find the old thinner 2p ones are better than the new plastic strong 10p ones, the herbs sweat less.

4) Store the plastic bag in the fridge. Use as and when you need them. You can put multiple herbs in one carrier bag. 2 bunches. Don’t overcrowd them though or the ones at the bottom will brown and bruise. Change the paper towel every couple of days.

Want to know how to keep your salad leaves fresh for days too or more top food styling tips? Let me know what you’d like to know in the comments below.





  1. Kate - gluten free alchemist

    July 8, 2017

    Great tip. I often trim the ends and put them in a tall glass with a small amount of water, but I will have to try this and see if it is better…. x

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