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Sugar Free Granola

Sugar free granola recipe, healthy granola recipe Modern Food Stories

Forget your usual store-bought granola –  this Toasted Oat and Nut Sugar Free Granola Recipe is going to take your mornings up a level! Bursting with roasted nuts, crunchy seeds, delicious coconut chips and jumbo oats, it’s a million times tastier than any granola off the shelf, and so much better for you and gut friendly too!

Packed with healthy fats, protein, and fibre for that slow-release energy, glowing skin, and all-round feeling of wellness. So you can get your daily fix of goodness in bright and early.

This toasted oat and nut sugar-free granola can be made vegan, gluten-free, and even low FODMAP too! For my fellow sensitive-gut guys, stick around for my activated nuts and seeds tips to make this granola extra gentle on the gut!

Modern Food Stories Healthy Granola Recipe

Perfectly Balanced Breakfast

Granola is such a staple for busy bees! Crunchy, nutty, and delicious – the stuff is just perfect served with Greek or coconut yogurt, fruit, or even just by the handful (hey, I’m not judging!)

But the problem with store-bought granolas these days is they’re often ultra processed and packed with enough sugar to send your glucose levels into orbit. As a refined sugar-free gal myself, I actually can’t think of a worse way to start the stay than with an almighty sugar crash. Definitely not my vibe guys!

That’s why I’ve developed this quick, simple, and easy healthy and sugar free granola recipe. Keeping all the things we all love about granola – the signature crunch and delicious nuttiness – but without heaps of sugar. So you can still enjoy a quick on-the-go breakfast fix, without it leaving you feeling like a pile of soggy lettuce by 10am.

Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention! This healthy granola recipe is bursting with delicious nuts and seeds that you can customise to taste. So it’s high in protein, full of healthy fats and fibre. Perfect for all you gym-goers and always-on-the-movers!

And to any mums and dads out there who are wanting an easy breakfast option that the whole family will love; but that also won’t have your kiddies bouncing off the walls by mid-morning – I’ve got you covered! This sugar free granola recipe is super tasty and  great for both the kids and grown-ups. Store it in an airtight jar, and you’ll be all set for the week.

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Top Tips and Must-Have Ingredients

Jumbo oats are an absolute must for this sugar free granola recipe. They’re not much more expensive (about 50p to £1 more per bag), but work so much better than the cheaper stuff. After all, we don’t want tough, bitty or powdery oats – that’s a sure way to ruin a morning. Only the good stuff for this recipe please!

I really recommend opting for vanilla powder over essence or extract. I get mine from Whole Food Earth, and it’s an absolute game changer! All natural and not pumped full of sugar or additives like the little bottles of vanilla essence can be. It also doesn’t have that fake, processed after taste either. One bag will last you forever, so it’s definitely worth the small investment, but of course feel free to substitute with extract if you prefer. Whatever your budget will allow.

Otherwise guys, there’s no recipe tips + tricks you need. This one really is THAT simple. I just know you’re going to love it!

Gut Friendly Swaps

I’m a sensitive-gut gal, and I know that sometimes nuts and seeds aren’t the most agreeable to those of us with tummy troubles. I’ve been following a low FODMAP diet for a while now, and it’s made a huge difference to my IBS symptoms. Luckily, this recipe is fairly low in FODMAPS as is, but there’s a few swaps you can make to ensure this granola is extra gentle on the gut.

Swap out almonds for walnuts, pecans or macadamias to stay in the ultra-low FODMAP zone. Almonds are absolutely fine, but too many might just tip you over the edge.

But if you’re anything like me, and limiting your almond (or any nut for that matter) intake is a non-negotiable, then I have got a LIFE-CHANGING tip for you!

Have you ever heard of activated nuts and seeds? It might sound a little technical, but it’s super easy to do, and makes nuts and seeds so much easier to digest!

All you have to do is soak the nuts/seeds of your choice in water for 24 hours, and dehydrate them. You can use either your oven on a low temp, or I have a food dehydrator that has literally become my best friend LOL!

How is this Sugar free granola Sweetened?

I used a touch of maple for a vegan friendly granola, it’s not super sweet as I think you’re sweet enough! You can sub with honey if you prefer or omit entirely. I like mine unsweetened but It’s not quite as crunchy without the sweetener.

Sugar Free Granola
Healthy Homemade Granola
Recipe Variations

To shake things up a little, feel free to swap out any of the nuts, seeds or flavourings for ones you prefer.

Pecans and a little nutmeg would give this sugar free granola recipe a super cosy pecan pie flavour that would be perfect for the autumn time.

Equally, adding some dried fruit, like sugar free banana chips or dried pineapple, would give this healthy granola a fun, fruity, tropical vibe – this would taste awesome paired with some coconut yogurt!

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Toasted Oat + Nut Sugar Free Granola

This toasted oat and nut sugar-free granola can be made vegan, gluten-free, and even low FODMAP too! Packed with healthy fats, protein, and fibre for that slow-release energy, glowing skin, and all-round feeling of wellness.
Prep Time: 2 minutes
Cooking Time: 35 minutes
Total Cooking Time: 37 minutes
Serves: 12
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  • Preheat the oven to 150C / 130 fan and line a baking tray with parchment.
  • Add all the ingredients (except the coconut chips) to a mixing bowl and stir to combine. Bake for 35 minutes, turning once until golden.
  • Add the coconut flakes and toss to combine. Bake for a further 3 - 4 minutes until the coconut flakes are golden.
  • Remove from the oven and allow to fully cool to crisp up.
  • Top with yoghurt and fruit of your choice.
  • Once fully cooled, store in a glass sealed jar for 2 weeks.

Nutrition (per serving)

Calories: 261kcal | Carbohydrates: 24.1g | Fat: 18.1g | Saturated Fat: 8.7g | Fiber: 8.6g
Course Breakfast, Snack
Cuisine American, British, European
Calories 261
Cost 50p per serve
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